The Psychology of Online Shoppers

“To initiate action, doing must be easier than thinking”
- Nir Eyal -

It is no secret that with the invention of the internet we have increasingly become a society who seeks instant gratification. This is particularly true with respect to online shopping as shoppers want the smoothest, easiest, experience from browsing to checkout and, delivery of their products.  At FBA Branding Experts we understand this quite well and it’s our wish to share with you our process to best craft that experience.

The first step in crafting the optimal online shopping experience is to understand what “triggers” your customers. Triggers are both internal and external. Internal triggers are thoughts or emotions going on inside of us that promote the urge to get us to do something habitually, for example, shopping.  External triggers are defined as people, places and things; these are things that we see visually outside of ourselves that urges us to do something habitually, for example, an email from Amazon with infographics that both triggers our urges and promises to reward them.

Infographics are engaging images or charts with minimal text that provide an easy to understand overview of products and communicate information quickly and clearly. Not only do infographics provide a visual experience and trigger purchases online visually; they also give us an overview of a product and also serve to tell a story as well.

The most common and effective way to tell a story visually is with lifestyle photos. Lifestyle photos capture people in situations or real-life events or milestones in an artistic way that the consumer can easily identify with. The primary goal is to tell stories about people's lives or to inspire people, in this case to purchase products that they want or need.

Providing infographics and telling a story are a big part of crafting an online shopper’experience. Browsing should be as simple as possible and information should be clear and concise. Images trigger would be customers externally while the story triggers them internally.

From browsing and “shopping” to purchasing and “checking out” the process should be as simple and easy for the shopper as possible. This enables the shopper to navigate and make decisions with no obstructions or difficulty which also enhances the shopping experience as the shopper appreciates the convenience and feels instantly gratified.




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