Lifestyle Images with Features & Benefits

“Everything you can imagine is real”
- Pablo Picasso -

Lifestyle images capture people in real life scenarios and tell a story about your product.
Think about every place a person can use your product.

Crafting the ultimate experience of your product allows an Amazon shopper to imagine themselves using your product in a real-life situation! Once they see themselves in that situation, they are able to emotionally connect to your product and are that much closer to conversion!


By adding features and benefits to lifestyle photos, you are able to provide even more information to the buyer while they are imagining themselves with your product! In the above image, we might wonder if our knees would hurt while using it. We made sure to let shoppers know they were getting a premium knee pad for increased comfort and balance so they could perform the workout.

Also, notice the model is smiling in the picture? Research shows if a model is smiling while using a product, it will correlate to the shopper imagining themselves smiling while using your product as well! Your lifestyle images should give off a positive emotion.


“Fill a space in a beautiful way”
- Georgia O’Keefe -

Remember to use up all the space that Amazon allows you to, especially in your product and lifestyle photos!

All Amazon images should be at least 1000 pixels in height and width and fill up at least 85% of your frame. This allows Amazon shoppers to zoom in on your product.


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